Ecology and concern for the environment is becoming a priority for society and companies, the use of this type of paper has increased due to all the benefits it brings.

Its most outstanding characteristic is its resistance, this is due to the fact that Kraft paper contains fibers, it is ideal for the manufacture of bags, it is a thicker type of paper and also has the facility to be modified during its manufacturing process. Its most common use is for packaging objects or different products, and its utility is becoming more and more widespread among companies. For the manufacture of our raw material, we use 100% recycled material NATIONAL, composed of industrial paper cuttings plus recycled household which is generated from a production of paper pulp, after a production process we return to obtain a 100gr paper for the production of our bags and subsequent destruction of paper and cardboard products that have already fulfilled at least once its normal cycle and waste of clean product of the cardboard and paper industry, before entering the process, it goes through a strict selection process, then in the pulp preparation area it is subjected to different stages of cleaning and purification, ensuring the quality to be transformed into paper. At YAPACK, besides taking care of the environment, we make sure that you receive a product of excellent quality.